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Education & Training

Weill Cornell Medicine Ophthalmology Education & Training

Weill Cornell Medicine ophthalmologists are committed to offering the most in-depth information to the broadest possible range of students. In addition to our residency program for physicians specializing in ophthalmology, we offer elective rotations for medical students at Weill Cornell Medical College and other medical schools around the world, as well as outstanding and coveted fellowship programs.

For community and regional physicians, we provide Continuing Medical Education (CME), with weekly grand rounds featuring a wide variety of topics and speakers ranging from our own departmental faculty to internationally renowned guests. We offer four lectureships throughout the academic year - John M. McLean Medal, Lincoff, Coleman and Ellsworth lectures, in honor of luminaries from our department. We also realize the importance of education for non-physicians regarding eye disease diagnosis and management, and offer an extensive in-house training program for ophthalmic technicians.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we are committed to educating the public regarding eye health and advances in eye disease management, providing public health presentations at events including the Spring Seminar for Patients and their Families and the Patient Update on Laser Vision Correction. We also work in conjunction with the Weill Greenberg Patient Resource Center to maintain current informational materials regarding common eye disorders and publish new information regarding discoveries made by our physicians and scientists.