Weill Cornell Medicine Orthoptics

Weill Cornell Medicine orthoptists specialize in the treatment of patients with visual system disorders, with an emphasis on binocular vision and eye movements. Our orthoptic specialists perform diagnostic tests and measurements for both pediatric and adult patients with disorders of binocular vision, visual field defects and other eye disorders.

We do everything possible to create or maintain a balance of vision between the eyes while optimizing visual comfort.

Our orthoptists work most commonly in conjunction with ophthalmologists (typically pediatric ophthalmologists or neuro-ophthalmologists). The need for orthoptic services is usually initiated by an ophthalmologist, although some treatments, including eye exercises and eyeglass prism addition, may be performed entirely by an orthoptist. Orthoptists also assist with patient preparation for eye muscle surgery and rehabilitation after surgery.

Disorders that our orthoptists typically provide treatment for include:

  • Strabismus.
  • Double vision (diplopia).
  • Lazy eye (amblyopia).
  • Eye muscle palsy (cranial nerve palsy).
  • Crossed or drifting eyes.
  • Eye movement disorders.

Orthoptic consultation is not associated with any age limit - eye movement disorders and visual discomfort may occur at any point in life.

Patient Care

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Orthoptic Patient Care

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