About Us

Donald D'Amico

Donald J. D'Amico, M.D.
Professor and Chair

Physicians and staff members of the Weill Cornell Medicine Israel Englander Department of Ophthalmology are committed to excellence in the provision of a full range of ophthalmic services, including treatment for cataractous, corneal and external disease, retinal and vitreous disorders, pediatric and neurological ophthalmic conditions and glaucoma. These services cover a wide range of complexity, from accurate eyeglass and contact lens prescription, macular disease treatment and glaucoma management, to the most complex intraocular surgeries, including oculoplastic procedures, cataract surgery with advanced optical correction, partial thickness corneal transplantation utilizing multiple techniques (including DSEK and DMEK), keratoprosthesis (artificial corneal replacement), refractive laser surgery for vision correction, femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery and vitreoretinal surgery for diabetic retinopathy or complicated retinal detachment.

Our surgical procedures are performed in the David H. Koch Ambulatory Surgery Center of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. After years of meticulous planning and construction, this center now houses the nation’s most advanced ocular operation technology, in a magnificent facility that places patients at the center of a compassionate and successful surgical experience.

Our central offices, located within the award-winning Weill Greenberg Center, have been designed for our ophthalmologists to provide exceptional patient care in a welcoming environment. This state-of-the-art, 22,000-square-foot patient care area includes more than 30 rooms for patient examination and consultation, as well as a specially designed area for pediatric patients. We are also very pleased to announce the opening of our latest and largest (8,000-square-foot) fully equipped satellite location at 36 Worth Street in downtown Manhattan. Our beautiful facilities feature the most advanced ophthalmic technologies available, permitting diagnosis and treatment of a full range of ophthalmic conditions using the finest and most effective instruments and techniques. Our central offices are also completely integrated with our Lower Manhattan and Upper East Side satellite locations, permitting seamless care conveniently coordinated through shared electronic medical records and computerized diagnostics.